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free seo linksAre you looking for a list of websites to submit your website to? Do you want to boost your site rankings on the top search engines? You can submit your site manually to this list of seo analysis sites for free instant backlinks.

If you are looking for an auto submission tool to get your site indexed on search engines, I suggest using the Free SEO Submission Tool. Your site will get indexed fast and you will get free backlinks to your new site. If your site is already indexed, you do not need to use that tool. Just submit your site manually to the list of seo analysis sites for free below. Each site links back to yours automatically.

SEO Site List by Pagerank:

1. WooRank – PR5
2. QuickRegister – PR5
3. PagesInventory – PR4
4. GTMetrix – PR4
5. SEOSue – PR3
6. EstimURL – PR3
7. SiteLuck – PR3
8. WebGround – PR2
9. Ataraxa – PR2
10. WorthySite – PR2
11. ClearWebStats – PR1
12. StatsVillage – PR1
13. SeeAllWeb – PR1
14. AllAboutSite – PR0
15. URLinfos – PR0
16. WebsiteWorthReport – PR0
17. Check-Stats – PR0
18. WebsiteValu – PR0
19. LinksRank – PR0
20. NetStratus – PR0

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  1. Marvin says:

    This site is amazing thank you so much for your hard work putting together this list.

  2. peter says:

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  3. KennethRules says:

    Thank you for sharing your back link list..

  4. Ligo George says:

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  5. Michael Nunn says:

    Thanks for this good list. A big help for anyone wanting to get their website indexed.

  6. cyracks says:

    Thank you for this wonderful list but how can i get back links from this websites to my blog

    • @cyracks – Simply enter your domain name at each of the pages. They will automatically provide a link back to your site and they will offer more information about your website such as alexa rank, an estimate of monthly traffic and more.

  7. Joe says:

    Thanks for this very helpfull.

  8. Tusko says:

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  9. actividades economicas says:

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  10. Fotografer Jakarta says:

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  11. SMTP2GO says:

    It sure is helpful, thanks. But few of them doesn’t seem to work. And is this type of backlinking still efficient after recent google changes? Thanks anyway.

  12. donver says:

    Hope it’s still useful.

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