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free seo link submissionGetting a new website indexed is easy for many people. However, if you are having troubles getting your new site indexed on search engines, use Free SEO Submission tool to get your site noticed fast.

The submission tool submits your site to over 100 high-ranking site analysis websites that create a new page for your site, which in turn provides detailed information and a bonus permanent backlink to your site. That newly created page then gets pinged by a popular pinging service for even more indexing power. When the search engine spiders crawl those statistics sites, they will find your url and will index your site. Simply submit your new site.

If your website can already be found on search engines easily, this tool is not necessary. In fact, it could cause your rankings to drop. If you are looking to get more backlinks to your site via these statistics sites, I recommend manually submitting to them over a period of time so as to keep your current rankings on search engines.

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