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squidoo seoSquidoo.com is a powerful Web 2.0 site that can help your website’s seo through off-page optimization. Squidoo is a PR7 webpage that provides links back to your website when you create a lens(web page) full of unique information about your site.

Web 2.0 properties are the new wave of backlinking. Squidoo remains at the top of the list of Web 2.0 sites not only for the high pagerank of the main index page, but the seo power the links from within Squidoo provide to your site. If you have not made use of this site, now is the time.

To make use of Squidoo for providing a little seo link juice to your site, simply create an account and make a new lens about a topic related to your website. Use as many relevant modules as possible so you can link to your site as many times as possible. Modules allow you to add articles, youtube videos, polls, debates, facebook fan boxes, latest twitter tweets and so much more to your lens. It’s almost like creating a mini sales page for your site.

Not only can you use Squidoo for off-page seo for your website, but you can also make a little money in the process. When you join and create new lenses, you can make money from any money-making modules you place on your lens. You receive a small commission for any sales earned from those modules. Or you can place your own affiliate links on your lens to earn even more. Earning money on Squidoo is fun and easy.

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