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There are many ways of gaining backlinks that are approved within seconds. Auto approve backlinks can be gained in ways such as commenting on dofollow blogs that approve right away, submitting to web directories that add your site automatically, writing & submitting articles containing your url to directories that publish them instantly more.

While these are easy methods of gaining a link back to your content, be careful not to build too many of these type of links too fast. Some search engines have a sandbox system where they place websites if they feel that these sites spam others. You do not want your site thrown in there because it can take up to 6 months for it to escape. Building backlinks slowly and naturally looking will keep your site from being slapped.

To gain some fast backlinks, start commenting on relevant blogs by engaging in conversation with the topic of each post you leave a comment on. There are hundreds of websites in many different categories to visit on the web. You may find other people to exchange links with using this method. The more conversations you become apart of, the more friends in your niche you can make.

To build even more backlinks fast, submit your site to web directories that search engines place a higher value on. Try doing a search for “free web directories” and submit your site to directories you feel are relevant to your site content. While web directories do not provide much link juice, a link is a link as long it does not come from a site that is banned by search engines. Gaining links from sandboxed sites could potenentially hurt your site rankings.

Best auto approve site: http://www.woorank.com/ – PR5

Auto Approve Backlink List:
http://www.bayouwebservices.com/ – PR3
http://www.shopduweb.com/ – PR2
http://www.redianet.com/ – PR2
http://www.biochemistryweb.com/ – PR2
http://www.psi-web.com/ – PR2
http://www.enriqueblancoweb.com/ – PR2
http://www.eldoradowebsite.com/ – PR2
http://www.cennettur.com/ – PR2
http://www.321webdev.com/ – PR2
http://www.silverlinetelluride.com/ – PR1
http://www.mrneti.com/ – PR1
http://www.inetmng.com/ – PR1
http://www.3softweb.com/ – PR1
http://www.dswebmx.com/ – PR1
http://www.israilelanet.com/ – PR1
http://www.jkindwebdesign.com/ – PR1
http://www.lowcountrywebdesign.com/ – PR0
http://www.cgweb-hosting.com/ – PR0
http://www.autofixnetwork.com/ – PR0
http://www.jwebbase.com/ – PR0

Building quality backlinks should be apart of any smart webmaster’s search engine optimization plan. By not taking part in actively building links, you risk losing traffic to your competition.

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