Article Spinning Explained

If you are new to internet marketing, you have probably heard of article spinning, but might not know what it is. You may have read about it on marketing blogs, online business forums and more. This is something that is widely discussed due to the huge advantages article spinning can have on your website marketing efforts. It can have a huge impact on the rankings of your site on the major search engines if done properly.

What is Article Spinning?

It is basically the process of creating hundreds of unique variations of an article you have already written manually. In order to spin an article, you must first write your original copy. The original should be about 500 words in length and only used ONCE. This very first article should be submitted to the BEST of the BEST directory on the internet, EzineArticles.com and nowhere else. Once that article is written, you use a software program such as The Best Spinner that can generate hundreds of unique articles from your original. What this software does is replaces many words in your articles using synonyms embedded in the system. So, basically your original is still the same article that is output each time it is spun, but there are different words being replaced each time a new one is spun.

Once your articles are spun, submit each unique version to a different directory. You have to be careful of duplicate content on the internet nowadays. If a directory notices your content is copied, they will not approve it. Having unique, quality content is the key to success in online marketing.

Be sure to place a link to your site, with your main keywords in the anchor text, in the author bio box. The number one reason people use article spinning and marketing is to gain numerous backlinks. If you skip adding your URL within the body or author bio box, there is really no point to this type of marketing. Building backlinks has been proven to not only improve seo rankings, but increase targeted traffic to your site quickly and easily.

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