How to Rewrite an Article

If you are searching on google for how to rewrite your articles to improve your sites SEO, then you probably realize that spinning articles is not getting you as far as you would like it to. Infact, it may actually be hurting your rankings. So, how hard is it to rewrite your articles manually? Not hard at all.

To rewrite your articles, you simply need to break them down by sentence. Sure, this will take some time. But you will end up with a 100% unique article. That is well worth the time it takes.

To make this process a little easier for you, I will let you in on a little tool that helps automate the process for you slightly. That’s right! A tool that actually helps you rewrite your articles. Check out this free article rewriting tool: Smartrewrite.com.

To rewrite your article using Smart Rewrite, paste your content in the box and click the button to break it down into parts. It will separate each sentence. Once you have rewritten each sentence it will create a whole new article for you. You do all the work, this tool just makes it a little easier and less time consuming. We all have busy lives, right? The cool thing about this tool is that you can choose where to begin a new paragraph or you can keep the paragraphs where they were to begin with.

Unique content is key to successfully improving site ranking on the top search engines.

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