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improve search engine rankingOne of the most important things we can do to gain traffic and visibility when promoting or marketing a website is to improve search engine ranking. Landing a position in the top 100 results typically leads to a rise in targeted and repeat visitors. These are the type of visitors who were looking for the content your website provides.

Nearly every single person who accesses the internet performs a search for something they are looking for daily. The biggest goal we can achieve is to land a high-ranking position in the search result listings. Being on the first page of these results for popular keywords can be great exposure for a struggling website.

To improve search engine ranking, make sure you have done your keyword research. By knowing which keywords you are focusing on, you can keep track of where your site ranks and if there is any positive movement from your SEO efforts.

Be sure to include your primary keyword for each page in the title tag, heading tag, image tags, first paragraph and last paragraph so that the search engines definitely know what your content is about and they can give you a natural ranking based solely on your content.

You also need to make sure that your articles are unique and human readable while still keeping your keywords blended in. Many people stuff words on a page hoping crawlers will pick up on them. And don’t get me wrong, it does work (as tags), but don’t over do it. Keeping information relevant tells crawlers your site is useful and trustworthy.

Once your site gets a natural position in search result listings, you can build backlinks to boost your rankings and push your way to the first page where you will gain a lot more traffic. Backlinks tell crawlers that a conversation has started about your website. The more conversations they find, the more likely they will consider your site authoritative and popular.

By focusing on keyword research, quality site content and building backlinks you will improve search engine ranking easily.

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