Google Joining the SOPA Protest via Home Page January 18th

stop sopa pipaTomorrow, January 18th, 2012 many big web companies such as Google and Wikipedia will join together in protest against two bills Congress is considering passing, SOPA and PIPA. These are antipiracy bills that huge media companies are backing, but for web owners the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act will change the internet as we know it and not in a positive way.

Have you heard of SOPA and PIPA? There are a lot of people who have and are doing something about it, but there are also many who do not know or they know, but are iffy about being involved in protest. That is why these big internet companies are taking such a big stand. They need help in stopping these bills from being passed. While SOPA has been delayed for the time being, it has not completely left the building.

How does this affect you as a website owner?

If you are running a site that the government feels is distributing copyrighted music, movies or any other media via your website, they can have you completely blocked! I mean by your domain, hosting, internet, ad companies, etc. You can be sued, plus search engines and other directories can be sued as well for supporting your site in any way. This affects everyone online, whether you have a website or not. However, if you are a site owner, the domino affect may affect us all in many ways. Imagine if our favorite search engines, social media sites and ad companies that pay us regularly all got shut down. Wow! It would be a huge mess. All the hard work you have done on your sites could be wasted.

Watch this video to learn more about SOPA/PIPA:



By stopping SOPA, you can help prevent huge corporations from censoring the internet. This is censorship! There are other ways to fight internet piracy and shut foreign rogue internet properties down.




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