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web 2.0 link pyramidWeb 2.0 is the latest craze for creating backlinks to a website. I say craze because while they are very effective in terms of SEO at this time, it does not mean it will remain that way forever. If you are using them in order to improve your search engine rankings, chances are you are seeing improvements, but it will not last, I can assure you.

If you purchase gigs on Fiverr, you will notice something that is selling like hot cakes right now. Link Wheels and Link Pyramids creation services are in demand right now because at this time they are producing the desired results customers want to see. If they are done properly, you can see a site move from nowhere in the top 100 to the very first page for a primary or secondary keyword.

The Idea Behind the Link Wheel/Pyramid

The majority of the internet population has not even heard of a link wheel or pyramid…or they simply walk away. The idea is that Web 2.0 properties are powerful on their own with no promotion needed. With a little push from hundreds of thousands of backlinks, the properties gain a little more strength. However, there is always a footprint of these bad neighborhood links and they will be taken down in time.

Web 2.0 Sites List

Here is a list of some of the most popular Web 2.0 properties.

1. Squidoo.com

2. Tumblr.com

3. WordPress.com

4. Typepad.com (free blogs are available)

5. LiveJournal.com

6. Weebly.com

7. Posterous.com

8. Jimdo.com

9. Wetpaint.com

10. Edublogs.com

Again, while these pyramids and wheels are working now, they might not work in the future. While I do believe these Web 2.0 sites are great for building links, I think that is really all you need. There is no need to go to extra lengths to try and make them more powerful. Really what you are doing is trying to manipulate search engines. And if that is your goal, you will probably succeed for the time being. But don’t expect your rankings to stick. The best plan is to employ “white hat” techniques. Your site will get the proper rankings it deserves.

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