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search plus your world ranking tipsRanking a site on the biggest search engine has been all about optimizing your site with on-page and off-page SEO tactics. And while you should continue working on these aspects of your IM blueprint, keep in mind that how search results are returned when someone makes a search on Google will change forever… once again. This search engine “powerhouse” has rolled out yet another update that will leave a lot of internet marketers scratching their heads and wondering why their traffic suddenly dropped…that is unless they follow along with this latest update: Search, plus Your World.

Social media and blogging giants such as Twitter are a little upset with Google’s latest news and have made it clear, publicly. However, they have to realize it could possibly benefit them as well. Google+ has already grown so fast, there is no stopping it and it will become just as big as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

You might be wondering why the new changes are taking place. Well, it is all about positive user experiences. Search results were not being returned the way people would like them to be and Google had to do something about it. Some say, however, that Google is only trying to promote their products, leaving other sites in the dust. There are even rumors that they are being investigated by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

When a user is not connected to G+, the information returned back to them is the same as it has been of late….you know the advertisements at the top of the page, authority sites, answer type sites and then the optimized for search results sites. But, when someone is logged into Google accounts, Gmail or Google+, they will see “personal results” showing above ads at the top on the results page. As they scroll down, they will find posts from people who shared a story using the “keywords” they searched for. These posts will display the Google+ user’s profile picture and will state “Jane Doe shared this”.

This is a positive step forward and it is best to jump on the bandwagon now while it is early. Think about it…don’t you wish you were on top of things when Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin first launched? Ya, I thought so.

Now that we know we need to change our internet marketing strategy to implement Search, plus Your World, how can we improve rankings after this latest update? It’s simple…join Google+, add people to circles, vote on newsworthy posts, add Google+ voting to your blog posts, create a business page and be as active as you possibly can. Know the ropes from the get go!





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