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If you do not have a Twitter account, now would be a great time as any to signup and setup your account. I’m about to fill you in on a  little secret you do not want to miss.

Get FREE backlinks using your Twitter profile. There are websites that will link back to your website automatically by using the information found in your Twitter profile. Now, if you do not have any links in your profile, you will not get anywhere with this link building method. So, before I fill you in on this little secret, go to your Twitter profile, edit and add a link back to your website. You can add it in the space titled “Web” and you can also include a link to an inner page or another site in the bio. I advise adding a link to both because some of the sites grab the link from your bio, while others grab the link from your profile info.

One more thing to note – some of these sites may ask permission to access your twitter account. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can easily go to your settings and click “revoke access” next to any app you do not approve of.

Sites That Automatically Link Back to Your Site via Your Twitter Profile

Once you have your Twitter account setup and optimized to build links, you can visit the following websites to get a backlink to your website.

1. Klout – PR7

With Klout, you may already have a profile connected to your Twitter account without you even knowing it. By visiting http://www.klout.com/username (replace username with your twitter username), you can easily check. Klout will pull information you included in your Twitter bio.

2. Tweet Grader – PR6

Enter your Twitter username and click “Grade”. Once they pull your information a page will be created for you which can be found by visiting http://tweet.grader.com/username (replace username with your twitter username).

3. Twellow – PR6

You have to register with Twellow to access features including gaining a backlink to your website via your Twitter profile. It is worth the small amount of time it takes as this is an authority PR6 site. Depending on how old your Twitter account is, you may already have a page setup and may not know it. You can check by visiting http://www.twellow.com/username.

4. Twitter Counter – PR6

Sign in using your Twitter account. Then visit http://www.twittercounter.com/username to find your backlink and view stats about your followers, your tweets and where you rank.

5. Twitaholic – PR6

Enter your Twitter username at the top right hand side of the page and click “Go”. Twitaholic will take you to a page where you gain a backlink to your Twitter profile and your website.

6. Listorious – PR6

Enter your Twitter username and click “Search”. Then once your username is displayed, click on it. If your username is not displayed, you will need to click on “Sign in with Twitter” at the top right-hand side of the page.

7. Friend or Follow – PR6

Enter username. You will be taken to your profile page that displays who you are following and which ones are not following you back. You will find a link back to your website in the tiny icon located next to your username. It will also be displayed by hovering over your username.

8. Tweet Level – PR5

Enter your Twitter ID and click “Calculate”. A page will be created for you and you can find it by visiting http://tweetlevel.edelman.com/User/username.

9. Favstar – PR5

Enter your username in the search box. You will be redirected to a page that contains 3 links (the images under your username contain the links). One to your Twitter profile, one to your main website and one to the link you placed in your Twitter bio.

10. TwtBizCard – PR5

Sign in with your Twitter account. You will be directed to a page that contains your TwtBizCard profile link.

11. Favorious – PR4

Sign in with your Twitter account and access your new profile page.

12. Retweet Rank – PR4

Enter username. You will be redirected to your new Retweetrank profile page.

13. Foller.Me – PR4

Enter Twitter name in search box. Great analytics tool.

14. Crowd Reel – PR3

Sign in via Twitter. Then click on “Profile”. Your website link will be displayed on the right side of the page.

15. SNPros – PR1

Enter username and click “Appraise”. You will get a profile link that estimates how much your Twitter account is worth, plus get a backlink to your site.


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