Google Panda 3.5 – Future of SEO

future of seo after panda 3.5Well, it’s official. Google Panda 3.5, and the new Penguin update, has hit the web and either your website gained a little more attention from the search hub or it took a deep nosedive and your rankings took a massive hit, along with your earnings. It looks like for most people in the SEO industry, the game has changed if your optimization efforts didn’t pan out. If you check out the buzz on webmaster forums across the internet, a good amount of people are shocked, confused and wondering what to do next.

What is the future of SEO gonna be like now? Will optimizing sites be wiped out completely? Well, if you are relying on Google for all of your traffic, then who knows. But, if you are optimizing for Yahoo and Bing, there’s still a chance your site might gain some more attention from these less powerful search hubs. You have to agree that they don’t send nearly as much traffic as Google, right?

The truth is, if you want your website to succeed the best it possibly can, you need the big G. So, it’s best to fall in line and do things white hat from now on if you plan on depending on them into the future. Now, I’m not saying they are all you need, but it sure helps to get the targeted traffic they send. But, then again, today we have social networks that send just enough traffic if you are in the right niche. Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and Linkedin are just a few that could send enough visitors to make a site succeed. So, combine that with white hat optimization and I think you might have a winning scenario for the future. I don’t think social media and networks are going anywhere. They are too big now to take a hit.

What can you do now? Start building from scratch if you are one of the people that lost everything. Create content that is engaging and let visitors come naturally. And feed your site to social media so that it can spread like wildfire. You gotta think, there are so many pages that lost rankings. You have an opportunity right now to move in on some great keywords. So go do it!

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