Building Backlinks Strategy

Search engine optimization consists mainly of three things; optimizing your web page content, search competition for chosen keywords and building relevant backlinks to your website. Building quality, permanent links is the most important thing you can do off-site to improve your chances of receiving a high placement in search results. The more links that are found leading to your website, the more popular your site is considered.

Not only can building backlinks lead to better search rankings, but it could also lead to a great amount of web traffic flowing to your website. Users will be able to find your content much easier and if they find your written content valuable they will most likely share your website with their friends, who in turn tell their friends and so on. Your content eventually turns viral and spreads like wild fire across the web.

Building your backlinks strategy should be carried out in a manner that your links are built over a period of time. It would be nice to get all your linking done in one day and shoot up to number one in search rankings, but that is not realistic. Search engines are smart, believe it or not, but they catch on to people trying to manipulate search results with mass amounts of backlinks showing up over a span of a few days and then dieing off afterwards. So, be very patient building your links.


  • Web 2.0 – Create 5 Web 2.0 properties each with unique content and links pointing to your site. I suggest Squidoo, Blogger, WordPress, Hubpages, Weebly, Wetpaint, Wikia or Wikispaces. Include your primary keyword combination in anchor text. Bookmark and ping each of the newly created Web 2.0 pages.
  • Blog Commenting – Find blogs that have top commentator and leave comments that are relevant to the article you choose to comment on. Use google blogsearch to find blogs with content related to your site.
  • Directory Submission – Submit your site to directories google finds authoritative and do not spend too much time submitting. Directory submission is not nearly as effective as it once was, but any backlinks are better than none.
  • Article Directory Submission – Create a 450 word article and submit it to EzineArticles. Include a link back to your website using your primary keyword in the author bio box. Wait for the article to be approved. Once approved, manually spin your article and submit to GoArticles. Manually spin that article and submit to ArticleCity. Keep spinning your articles ans submit a unique copy to as many different article directories as you can find.
  • Create a Links RSS Feed – Save every single backlink you build to your website and create an rss feed containing all the links you built. Ping the links rss feed and submit to rss directories. This will help search engines find the pages containing your backlinks.

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