Seo Basics Explained

On-page optimization focuses on providing users with a good reading experience while letting search engines know the written contains unique, knowledgeable information and is of high value to the reader. By keeping both the reader and search engines happy, your website will be considered an authority for the subject material being searched and will be given a high-ranking position in relevant listings.

Your index page or your main content page should include subject material that focuses on your primary keyword combination. To find your primary keyword combination, use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to locate a combination of words that have little competition, but enough searches per month to gain a decent amount of unique visitors. You can tell search engines what your content is about by including site related info in your meta, image and heading tags, your main article and your concluding paragraph. However, be careful not to stuff words on the page. Not only does it look spammy, but your readers may not understand your writing. You need your content to be conversational so your readers can comprehend what you have written.

Once your main page is completely written and optimized, you should create at least three more pages that are relevant to your index page. Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool once again to find secondary keywords to build your pages if you cannot think of any on your own. Pick one keyword combination that has low competition, but high search volume for each page you create.  Remember, when writing your articles be sure to write as if you were talking to someone and the words will flow naturally.

When you feel your website is search engine and reader friendly, you will need to work on your off-page search engine optimization. Off-page optimization is anything you do outside of your website that can help improve your position on search engines. This includes getting other websites to talk about the articles you have written. When they discuss your content, nine times out of ten they will provide a link back to your website. The more links search engines find pointing to your site, the more popular they think your website is. If they do not find any backlinks to your site, chances are they are less likely to rank your site any higher. Unfortunately you are facing a popularity contest when trying to improve seo rankings. It would be nice to build the content and visitors just show up, but that’s just not how it works.

Both on-page and off-page optimization are simple to understand and easy to do. By ensuring you have focused on both, you will improve seo rank for your website over time. It can take anywhere from 90 days to 6 months to begin showing up in relevant search listings. Just make sure you stick with employing white hat seo techniques and try not to fall for ugly techniques that could land your site in the search sandbox of doom. And be sure that you are not over-optimizing your content. That is a big no-no in Google’s eyes.

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